Barbed Wire High Tensile

Barbed Wire High Tensile

RANGEMASTER High Tensile Barbed Wire is an excellent choice for cattle and livestock fencing, land fencing, and crop protection. No stretching is required when installing this Barbed Wire and will save you time and money because needs fewer posts than Low Carbon Barbed Wires.

This Barbed Wire is the best option to keep your herds inside the pasture and off the fence.

This product meets ASTM-A-121 standards.

High Tensile Class 3

GaugeBarb StyleBarb SpacingRoll LengthRolls per PalletPart No.
142 PTS51320277225
144 PTS51320277223
15.52 PTS51320487202
15.54 PTS51320487203
15.54 PTS31320367212


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