Wood Defender is a wood stain that is ideal for fences, decks, siding, pergolas, and gazebos. Wood Defender is known for providing long lasting protection for your investment, goof proof application, and easy clean up.

Transparent Fence Stain & Seal

The Wood Defender™ Transparent Fence Stain is a penetrating product that utilizes ultra-fine pigments to reveal and highlight the wood’s grain and other positive characteristics. This wood stain is commonly used by customers who are striving to amplify the existing beauty of new cedar, redwood, and cypress fences. With our transparent fence stain, we offer a two-year manufacturer’s warranty with a life expectancy of up to four years.

Transparent Fence Cedar Tone

Transparent Fence Clear Glow

Semi-Transparent Fence Stain & Seal

The Wood Defender™ Semi-Transparent Fence Stain has a great reputation. The unique pigment combination has been tested to prove its unparalleled UV protection and offers increased square-foot-per-gallon coverage. The product is backed by a three-year manufacturer’s warranty and often lasts up to six years, depending on the application rate.

Semi-Transparent Sable Brown

Semi-Transparent Coffee Brown

Semi-Transparent Sierra

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