Electric Fence Wire

Electric Fence Wire

RANGEMASTER Electric Fence is an excellent aid in rotational grazing, temporary land fencing, and situations needing electrified boundary and interior fencing. Make sure your livestock stay where you want them to with this durable fencing solution. It can also effectively prevent unwanted intruders from entering protected areas that are large in size.

Our Electric Fence Wire Coils comes with 6 bands more than the competition which retains the package during handling. Our Electric Fence Wire Metal Spools are weather resistant and will not break when handling.

Users can easily unroll and install our Electric Fence Wire with minimal tool requirements after purchasing.

This product meets ASTM 845 and ASTM-A-641 standards.

Electric Fence Wire Coil – Class 3

GaugeSteel GradeWire DiameterWeightLengthCoil Diameter Approx.Coils per PalletPart No.
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