High Tensile Hinge Joint Field Fence

High Tensile Hinge Joint Field Fence

RANGEMASTER High Tensile Hinge Joint Field Fence combines a flexible Hinge Joint Knot with heavy-duty galvanized fencing to create a long-lasting and extremely weather resistant product that won’t break or rust like other fences.

Not only will this save you money and labor toward remediation – your time is highly valuable to us, as well. Therefore, the High Tensile Field Fence is designed to be quick and easy to install on different kinds of surfaces and terrains while still maintaining its strength and longevity.

This product meets ASTM-A-116 standards.

High Tensile Class 3

DesignFiller GaugeTop/Bottom GaugeFence HeightRoll LengthRolls per PalletSpacing Vertical WiresPart No.
   (“)(‘) (“) 
726/6 14.5 20R14.512.526330966770
726/6 14 20R1412.526330967051
832/6 14.5 20R14.512.532330966771
939/6 14.5 20R14.512.539330966772
939/6 12.5 20R12.510.539330966757
1047/6 14.5 20R14.512.547330966773
1047/6 12.5 20R12.512.547330967016
1047/6 12.5 20R12.510.547330966758


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