Ranch and Farm Gates

Ranch and Farm Gates

Our farm and ranch gates are built with quality materials and superior craftsmanship.  Rigid and rugged raw steel that will last generations.  Each gate upright is made out of 12gauge and the filler tubes are 14gauge. 

  • All gates constructed of 1.66″OD 12 & 14 gauge pipe.
  • Square corners.
  • Coped and fitted pipe for maximum strength.
  • Chain latches included.
  • Custom lengths available.


***1 7/8″X14 Gauge frame is available on request

Nominal SizeOverall LengthHeightBarGuage and diameter 
28″28″50″61 5/8″x14ga. 
4′3’11”50″61 5/8″x14ga. 
6′5’11”50″61 5/8″x14ga. 
8′7’11”50″61 5/8″x14ga. 
10′9’11”50″61 5/8″x14ga. 
12′11’11”50″61 5/8″x14ga. 
14′13’11”50″61 5/8″x14ga. 
16′15’11”50″61 5/8″x14ga. 
18′17’11”50″61 5/8″x14ga. 
20′19’11”50″61 5/8″x14ga. 

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